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36 Questions in Proximity of a Conversation

'36 Questions in Proximity of a Conversation' is six hour-long immersive theatre production conceptualised and produced by accelerated intimacy.

Process & Artists


Acceleratedintimacy is a group of practitioners who seek to explore how theatre and performance can be made relevant to our present lives, how it can be made playful, live, and constantly in conversation with another. We are interested in making theatre that puts the audience at the center of the live experience. The group comprises of Nihaarika Negi, Scherazade Kaikobad, Anjali Patil, and Aalisha Sheth.


Facilitating Director : Nihaarika Negi


The collaborators on this project include Atul Kumar, Faredoon 'Dodo' Bhujwala, Lucky Vakharia, Ratandeep Singh, Manikaran Singh, Ruchi Bakshi Sharma and Asawari Jagushte. 

Produced By


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