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Questioning Masculunities 

A curated photo series on 'Questioning Masculinity' as a part of the Social (Bar) and One Future Collective's Queer Art festival 2020. Using photography, as the chosen medium, we are attempting to deconstruct how masculinity - is presented and composed/designed/sketched.

Process & Artists

By moving away from the social definition and maintaining the fragile discourse of what it is to be masculine, we are focusing on queer artworks that showcase masculinity in a way, that is redefining, evocative and tender. By using performance and self-portraiture as a point of departure, we bring two photographers Shersingh Soman and Shreya Chitre, who are curious about discovering boundless identities that stem from the masculine nature.With the art of performance at its core, this exhibition is towards the importance of 'representation' - of queer bodies, identity politics and narratives that don't just break the stereotype but also manifests resilience, hope, self-love and pride.Shersingh Soman’s photography work entails using their own body as a subject and an object to examine their internal debate on what is it to be gay. Their self-portraits are often a cathartic journey towards transcending the binaries and the gay male stereotype. By photographing themself, they feel heard, seen and invigorated.Shreya Chitre has been working with queer themes and voices for a while now. As a storyteller behind the lens, her gaze is to maintain the truth of the subjects she represents. She finds beauty is re-evaluating 'gender', which the society has been conditioned to define in binaries, by capturing people that break that stereotype every day in their own lives.

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